Future of Work & Workspaces Hackathon


Hack Coworking is an event series, created for designers, architects, developers, technologists, students, academics, IoT startups, innovators and everyone else interested in the future of work and work & workspaces. We focus to understand the present to design solutions that anticipate, inspire and bring up creative ideas in the form of prototypes with a multidisciplinary approach for what is to come.

Join the hackathon to challenge yourself to discover solutions and opportunities while having the chance to win one of the amazing prizes offered by our sponsors. An event designed for everyone with an interest in how we can improve our life at work.



Future of Work, Jobs, Workspaces, Mobility, Urbanization, Interior Design, IoT, Blockchain




Friday June 14th: Kick-off

18:30 Doors open

19:00 Kick off + warm-up

19:15 Team Formation, Beers & Mingling

21:00 End of Day 1


Saturday June 15th: Coding

08:30 - Welcome + Team formation

09:30 - Let’s get down to work!

13:00 - Lunch Break, 

14:00 - Workshop: State of Coworking (speakers to be confirmed)

18:00 - Relaxation / Yoga Meditation sponsored by Yogi2Me

20:00 - Dinner

21:00 - Night Working Session


Sunday June 16th: Demo Day

00:00 - Midnight snack

07:30 - Waking Up

12:00 - Deadline and Lunch Break

12:45 - Projects Presentation

14:00 - Evaluation by the Judges

14:30 - Awards Ceremony

 Note: There is the possibility, for those of you who want to, to stay overnight between Saturday and Sunday.




  • HB Reavis

“Workspaces are changing. Your creativity will help us better understand teams’ dynamics so that we can continue to deliver spaces that support productivity and wellbeing. By providing you with a 1-month backlog data of our indoor environmental sensors, anonymised occupancy and interactions data, we ask you to play with the data to identify and quantify informal interactions and predictively avoid meeting rooms ghosting. What would you do? Help us boost the office experience.”

Data for the challenge is available here.


  • SALTO Systems

“The SaltoKS Access Control platform allows for a variety of integration into other systems. Our open API ensures that third-parties can link their own platforms and solutions to our access-control system to fulfill their business needs. SaltoKS has experience with linking into coworking platforms, Smart office platforms, IOT platforms and many more. Can you think of a unique integration using our Access Control API, let your imagination run free, and see which devices, platforms or whatever you else you think of, could link with our systems?”


Link to credential: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OMhLzZz7eM90x7SX1VuuZT9hGvi7xo9xZzxYSs3fOXw/edit?usp=sharing


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Coworking space are welcoming places where everyone can find a community to their liking. Hack Coworking welcomes evryong 18 years or older to join us and make coworking better.


Projects can be anything to conceptual ideas to full-blown technical solutions.


Pauline Roussel

Pauline Roussel

Tibor Nyitray

Tibor Nyitray
Symbiosy – digital workspace (by HB Reavis)

Devon Barrett

Devon Barrett

Anita Klis

Anita Klis

Caleb Parker

Caleb Parker
Bold (eOffice)

Kateryna Tokar

Kateryna Tokar
SALTO Systems

Dr Tuukka Toivonen

Dr Tuukka Toivonen
Creative Friction Ltd & University College London

Judging Criteria

  • Does it answer the challenge?
    How well does the concept answer the challenge?
  • Concept Originality
    Is the concept unique or does have an original adaption of existing technology? Is it innovative?
  • Viability
    How viable is the idea? Could it be achievable given the right resources?
  • Impact
    Does the project have an impact on real people? 1. It may help a few 10. Could be revolutionary and have a net positive effect on millions.
  • Presentation & Pitch
    Was the pitch well delivered and convincing and concept easy to understand?
  • Complexity
    How complex is the concept? Did the team build a lot this weekend?